A maker, a creative, a visionary. Bring these elements together, and with it there's something many people don't see - a different viewpoint. Creatives are the eyes most minds don't have and are a pathway for bringing that vision to life. Something so beautiful, it can change the perception of people's minds through one visual aesthetic. We live in a time where corruptions have caused for chaotic times, and vast shadows have been cast over many people and places. But the beauty is, in the mist of it all, there are the creatives of the world...the makers, the future, and the potential for change.

I prioritized my life to one thing - my dream, my passion for this change, and to never let a day go by where creativity isn't present. While I often may still be trying to figure it all out, I never let my passion for creativity take a side seat, allowing me to dream big, and strive at becoming something greater than myself. 

Upward and Onward